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Commercial References

Hoover's Cooking
Austin Independent School District
Austin Yacht Club
Black & Vernooy, sinclair Black AIA
Brooks Industrial Coatings
CH Enterprises
Center for Battered Women
First Church of Christ Science
Pedernales Construction, Blake Ehlers
Polkinghorn Group
Aero Pneumatics Refrigerated Driers
Charles Stockton Builders
Temple Motor Works Limited, Inc.
The Weddington Center

Residential References

Mrs. Oliver Brown
4504 Laurel Lane, 78756

Mrs. Jean Carlson
2700 Mount Laurel Lane, 78703

Mr. and Mrs. Jean Pierre Cauvin
102 Westhaven, 78746

Mr. and Mrs. Terry Tottenham
25 Cicero Lane, 78746

Mr. and Mrs. Leonard Gillman
1606 The High Road, 78746

Mrs. Joe (Margaret) Bailey
14610 Agarita Road, 78734

Dr. and Mrs. Ronald Hudson
2805 Hatley Drive, 78746

Mr. and Mrs. Bob Inman
3200 Riva Ridge Drive, 78746

Mr. and Mrs. Lloyd Lochridge
3400 Hillview Road, 78703

Water Source Systems References

Andrews Elementary School
4 tons, 2 systems, earth loop

Mr. Henry Brooks
4 tons, 2 zones, earth loop, PEC

Mr. and Mrs. Jack Burgess
4 tons, 4 zones, earth loop, PEC

Mr. and Mrs. Bill Connor
4 tons, 2 zones, earth loop

Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Dillon
6.5 tons, 4 zones, earth loop

Mr. and Mrs. Mark Hall
7 tons, 3 zones, earth loop, PEC

Numerous additional references are available upon request.


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